Nothing can ever compete with the power of wonder.

The Wonderbook is a gallery that sells the best of art and tells the story of people that have breathed in that empowering moment of awe and exhaled a work of startling revelation.

Whether it is a painting, a photograph or poem, the Wonderbook reminds everyone of beauty and the mystery and wildness of it. We show and sell these works because we believe in the importance and richness of the story of their creation and inspiration.

The story matters; it’s what gives art its meaning and value. We don’t just write the story, we interview, we carefully edit, we nurture the story from it’s essence. We too, are craftsman, and that’s why we design with passion and care, the way the story and the work are presented to show both at their beautiful best.

The wonderbook is a gallery that not only sells a highly curated and specially selected range of contemporary art but most importantly, seeks to tell that vital story of its making.

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The Wonderbook opens the door to delight…so, welcome.