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  • My sickness is that of the soul, not of the mind.

    There is a small snippet of Nijinsky dancing which I watch repeatedly. It is like peering through time. I am…

    Vincent Cassar

  • Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist

    The questioning spirit within all of us is restless for expression and there are some that surrender to its driving…

    Glen McFarlane Innes

  • Flowers

    Opening a sitcom with an attempted hanging was always going to pique my interest. You could call it a “sick…

    Vincent Cassar

  • Belfast

    “The Irish were born for leaving, Otherwise the rest of the world would have no pubs.” I always believed the…

    Vincent Cassar

  • I may destroy you

    I MAY DESTROY YOU - written and partly directed and fully acted by the amazing Michaela Coel. This is wondrous…

    Vincent Cassar

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