Sunshine Superman

Johnny Bull

What happens when the sun smashes through a beautiful stained glass window in Hastings, where my old friends Paul and Rita live.
And what a beautiful, chaotic mess it’s made of the wall.



    @pbrodger sent me some great shadow and light pics. This is his and Rita’s front door at Hastings. Let dazzle commence.


    Paper size 50x50cm

    Printed on heavy 315gsm etching paper.

    An edition of 200.

    Signed by the artist.


    Johnny Bull

    I don’t think of myself as an artist. I would if I was someone who was concerned with producing art, but I am definitely a visualiser; someone who likes ideas, whether painted or drawn on the iPad. I love imbalance and surprise. And a bit of paradox. I love Francis Bacon, Tracy Emin as well as Moholy-Nagy and Reid Miles.
    That’s how I started at 22. Magic Markers and pastel drawings for Island Records posters which would be executed by a photographer or by an illustrator…
    René Magritte is a master of understatement as a technician. No splashy showiness, just carefully painted renderings of spectacular ideas.