Speaking Flames – Canto 26

Debbie Lee

Signed by the artist


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city of dis framed - Debbie Lee
    • An original monoprint in printers ink
    • Somerset textured paper weight: 315 gsm
    • Paper size 27 x 37.5 cm
    • Image size 21 x 30 cm
    • Signed by the artist



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    Debbie Lee is an internationally trained and collected artist. Having studied in London, Glasgow, Chicago and India she now keeps her studio on the coast of Dorset.

    I am rediscovering Dante’s Hell through scroll making. I have been researching how to translate Dante’s Inferno into a fold out artists book with a view to developing images into colour lithography. Supported by a bursary from a_n The Artists Information Company and Arts Council England. This is massive encouragement for me to continue to develop my work thanks to @anartistsinfo and @aceagrams for awarding me the time, space and money bursary.

    Debbie Lee



    Speaking Flames

    “ They mourn as well the ruse by which – though dead –
    young Deidamia must weep Achilles’ loss.
    They’re punished, too, for theft, of sacred statues.’
    64    ‘If they, within those tongues of fire, can speak,
    I beg you, sir,’ I said, ‘and beg again –
    so may each prayer be worth a thousand more –
    67    that you do not forbid my waiting here
    until that flame with horns has come this way.
    You see I bend to it with great desire.’
    70    ‘Your prayer,’ he said, ‘is worthy of great praise,
    and I, most willingly, accede to it.
    But you must keep your tongue in tight control.”

    Excerpt From
    The Divine Comedy – Dante Alighieri

    Translated by Robin Fitzpatrick
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