Rosy Melbury

Phyllis Wolff

Oil on canvas 70 x 70cm


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    A vital quality in painting is honesty. “Paintings should not be pretentious or overtly clever but express something that is direct, true to yourself, comes from within and has integrity. I hope my paintings show these qualities and have some depth. I want them to express something that is not to do with my clever self, my knowing self, but to do with human beingness.

    Phyllis Wolff



    • Oil on Canvas
    • 70 x 70cms



    • This painting can be delivered to any address within the United Kingdom
    • It will be encased in a sturdy, custom designed packing crate and delivered by courier
    • The delivery price for this sized painting is £95.00
    • There will be a surcharge for addresses in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland