Path Through Fire – Canto 10

Debbie Lee

Signed by the artist


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    • An original monoprint in printers ink
    • Somerset textured paper weight: 315 gsm
    • Paper size 27 x 37.5 cm
    • Image size 21 x 30 cm
    • Signed by the artist



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    Debbie Lee is an internationally trained and collected artist. Having studied in London, Glasgow, Chicago and India she now keeps her studio on the coast of Dorset.

    I am rediscovering Dante’s Hell through scroll making. I have been researching how to translate Dante’s Inferno into a fold out artists book with a view to developing images into colour lithography. Supported by a bursary from a_n The Artists Information Company and Arts Council England. This is massive encouragement for me to continue to develop my work thanks to @anartistsinfo and @aceagrams for awarding me the time, space and money bursary.

    Debbie Lee



    Path through Fire – Canto 10

    “1    Onward along a secret path – confined
    between those ramparts and the shows of pain –
    my teacher led and I was at his shoulder.
    4    ‘You,’ I began, ‘true power and height of strength,
    you bring me, turning, through these godless whirls.
    Speak, if this pleases you. Feed my desires.
    7    Those people lying in the sepulchres –
    what chance is there of seeing them? The lids
    are off already. No one stands on guard.”

    Excerpt From
    The Divine Comedy – Dante Alighieri

    Translated by Robin Fitzpatrick
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