gateau with custard and creme caramel, slathered with a great deal of blueberry fool and sprinkled with purple love hearts…

Chris Edwick

Oil on canvas 70 x 113cm


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    All my painting is concerned with the joyful and the sensual. This painting is from a new series called “gateaux”, with a certain tongue-in-cheek humour intended.

    Painting is allusive. That’s its’ expressive power and there’s a deliberate similarity in the arrangement of colour and shape in these works to playfully emphasise the appearance of a cake!

    De Kooning once said that “flesh is the reason oil paint was invented” but it’s also particularly good at evoking custard, cream, strawberry, blueberry, caramel, cinnamon, lemon, lime…

    The cake is a wonderful invention of mankind; a profound and perfect symbol of joyful celebration in sensuality. At special moments in life, when we celebrate the marriage of two people or the anniversary of our birth, we make a cake.

    Making a cake is an act of love and so is making a painting.



    I’m based in a quiet corner of rural, west Wiltshire; a location that infuses all my thoughts and actions. I’m passionate about the potential of painting to reconnect us to the sensual abundance and ecstasy of nature and life.

    I want a synthesis of the beautiful and blissful in dance, poetry, music and landscape expressed in paint.

    The eternal quest for beauty still stands as one of the most exciting, rebellious and last bastions of hope that offers balance to technology and the corporate world.

    Colour is euphoric and the doorway into finding joy in our world. That in turn helps us to appreciate this moment here, now.

    Chris Edwick




    One of the series of ‘cake paintings’ painted in the Spring of 2022

    • Oil on Canvas
    • 70 x 113cms



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