Drop Shadow

Johnny Bull



    Paper size 50x50cm

    Printed on heavy 315gsm etching paper.

    An edition of 200.

    Signed by the artist.


    Johnny Bull

    I don’t think of myself as an artist. I would if I was someone who was concerned with producing art, but I am definitely a visualiser; someone who likes ideas, whether painted or drawn on the iPad. I love imbalance and surprise. And a bit of paradox. I love Francis Bacon, Tracy Emin as well as Moholy-Nagy and Reid Miles.
    That’s how I started at 22. Magic Markers and pastel drawings for Island Records posters which would be executed by a photographer or by an illustrator…
    René Magritte is a master of understatement as a technician. No splashy showiness, just carefully painted renderings of spectacular ideas.