Church Farm East Stour

Phyllis Wolff

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    You can read a more in-depth article on this work and why Phyllis chose to create a reproduction here



    A vital quality in painting is honesty. “Paintings should not be pretentious or overtly clever but express something that is direct, true to yourself, comes from within and has integrity. I hope my paintings show these qualities and have some depth. I want them to express something that is not to do with my clever self, my knowing self, but to do with human beingness.

    Phyllis Wolff




    This is a reproduction of an original painting

    • Printed on 310gsm etching paper
    • Printed with lightfast Epson ink
    • Image size – 245 x 320mm
    • Paper size A3 – 420 x 297mm
    • Print will be numbered and signed