Working with us

A brief outline of how we carry out our philosophy when working with an artist. As our service is still in its creative genesis we prefer to price on an individual basis. But we can tell you that a basic site will start at £350 including hosting for 12 months



It is vital for every artist to remind themselves of their journey, the reasons why some periods or works are different to others. Every transition from one style or theme to another is marked by decision; reasons why that decision was made. It is healthy to remember why these alterations occurred and to recognise their validity and importance in your progress. How often do you journey through your old sketbooks and journals searching for context and inspiration?

We will ask questions. We will offer insight into theme, style or offer a different perspective on how a portfolio might be split in order to discover new narratives. We help draw together the reasons or inspirations behind these collections of works and weave a narrative around the selection. This can then be presented in numerous ways.

Much of our conversation will be recorded in order for us to consider the content over and over … just in case we missed anything. This will allow for a richer content and will appear far more naturally delivered for your audience.



Without doubt, every artist needs to be represented online and there is an offer to help from every template driven company out there. There are a plethora of services which offer empty, stylised templates for you to drop your own work in … a sort of painting by numbers for websites. It is our belief that your work, as unique as it is, deserves a little more than a cursory attention. The language of style and design should be as critically your own, as the voice in your work.

It is not a simple process. In our experience every artist has an opinion on how their work is best presented. We offer a sympathetic ear and try to deliver a critically effective service using the software that we know is of a professional standard and allows for scalability, accesibility and a very flexible design.

Text as well as

image quality

We all have mobile phones with decent cameras and yes, it is simple to upload your work to an internet platform – but is it the best quality you can manage? To be shown at its best your work should have a perfectly lit image and taken to a decent resolution. A single image is fine, but close ups are also very useful; texture, colour and the way it interacts with an interior are all great additions to an artworks delivery on screen. We can help with that. We have our own cameras and lighting kit that we can bring to get the best images of your work.

MOST IMPORTANTLY – there has to be context. The story of the particular works journey in the making; the why’s and how’s the narration of decisions and influences – all of this is extra value for any interested party and only serves to support their decision to purchase. The text is the extra value that might tip the balance of an undecided buyer. Tell them the reason that you think this work has value and worth, let them know where it came from and even what it is inspiring you to do next. As far as we are concerned you can never provide too much information. What we do well is edit it effectively revealing the grains and deafening the chaff.

What is the story worth?

Once we have, together, identified a selection of work and created a story narrative then this is presented on your website … consider it akin to a magazine article and your portfolio is a source for several of these articles. The works will be beautifully displayed and all data attributed to an artwork is stored in a central database; title, price, medium, size, location, owner (as well as any other unique fields you may need). We do this so that things do not get displayed with different titles, prices etc in two different places (the nightmares I could tell you about).

What you get is a story with 5 or 6 large images of your work which is designed to look like a magazine article. Not a white page with thumbnail images and titles and prices. You get a full and interesting article with links to each artwork where the viewer can see larger versions and your audience can query its availability. 2 or 3 of stories these and suddenly your website is a very interesting collection of artistic thoughts and the story of your creative journey becomes more readily apparent.

Each artwork can have its own enquiry form with all the data from the enquiry coming directly to your own email or if you wish us to deal with your administration then we can do so. If you would like to commit to sales of original artwork online then we can make that happen… BUT, dealing with large amounts of money and credit card fees, plus transportation costs and insurance dependent on size and location is a nightmare using ecommerce. We recommend that a face to face conversartion with your buyer is far more effective in the case of high price original work.

Selling Prints

Smaller artworks and prints are a great idea if it is something you think might be part of your artistic offering (not every artist is interested). We have high quality print facilities so we can administrate the entire process if that is what you wish including framing and delivery. These are perfect items to let an ecommerce store handle and your audience may well expect to be able to buy such things from your site.

It is also another opportunity to create a story about this season’s print releases and they do make great social media content too with traffic being driven straight back to your shop/gallery.

Social Media

Once your story is agreed and published on your website it is the ideal time to consider chopping it into smaller pieces and using it to be delivered across your social media channels. We purposefully create these stories for this to be available. Pictures alone on any channel are simply not enough. Contextual description is everything if you want to connect to your audience. We will suggest times when you might ‘ask questions’ s part of your post as this often provokes more effective engagement.

We can either supply you with the material or we can manage and schedule the publication of posts leaving you to simply deal with your replies and likes.

Podcasts and Video work

This is something we have in the pipeline and we will soon be able to offer films for youtube channel as well as recordings of interviews for any podcast channel you are subscribing to.