“As one who unwills what he willed, will change his purpose with some new second thought, completely quitting what he first had started,

so I did, standing there on that dark slope, thinking, ending the beginning of that venture I was so quick to take up at the start.”

Dante, Inferno, Canto 1, line 39

My friend, my Virgil in this instance speaks his truth – and it is so.

If it is not this then it might be that. An unending search for a path over there

A fleet footed willingness to leave, unearthed, a sonar of treasure for the glint of what might be possible elsewhere

The magpie, Malachi indeed

All trinkets and glossy eyed ‘Come here’, he caws

‘See what I see’

And I go, divorced from my calling

Blinkered by impatience

Led by desire