The new NFT landscape is a dizzying, exuberant, fantastical landscape … and most importantly, without borders.

The participants recognize fervour and enthusiasm, there is passion unbounded, an anarchic request for joy and optimism.

At the Wonderbook we are stimulated by the potential of this new world, the expandable possibilities that a mixture of creativity, economy and sustainability provide. And in every new cycle of life, we know there are mistakes to be made and frivolity displayed.

The Wonderbook is a collection of artists and works that matter.

Our portfolio is not intended to be populated by works that thrash and splash in the shallows of this world. It will have longevity, sustenance, a recognizable desire for expression and sensuality.

It will speak of this world and provide passion in the meta world … real passion; fueled by experience and storytelling. An embrace of fundamental life and new technology, new voices, new lives.

A book of wonder.